SRX 120

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Cute it may be, but this is no toy. The SRX 120 looks, feels and rides much like a full-size Yamaha, so it's the perfect way to introduce our younger generation to the thrills and the fun of snowmobiling.

They'll be learning too, because from its compact, smooth-running OHV engine to its easily-handled brakes, steering, suspension and track, this smart, sporty-looking machine shares the mechanical principles of its larger siblings and is every inch a 'real' snowmobile. So when the time arrives, the transition to their own full-size Yamaha will come easily and naturally.

​In the meantime, the SRX 120 promises you real family fun out on the snow - and won't they just love it?



Tip / cilindree 4 timpi / 123cc
Cilindri 1 cilindru
Alezaj X Cursă 56,0 mm x 50,0 mm
Răcire Răcit cu aer
Carburaţie B-18 Mikuni TM33 Flat Slide x 1
Concept consum 1 supapă
Sistem de aprindere Transistorized
Evacuare 1-valve
Ambreiaj / transmisie centrifugal automat, Lanţ
Sistem de frânare cu disc Bandă reglabilă
Sistem suspensie faţă Furci duble
Amortizor faţă Furci duble
Cursă faţă 76 mm
Sistem suspensie spate Glisieră, arc de torsiune
Amortizor spate N/A
Cursă spate 114 mm
Măsuri / Dimensiuni
Înălţime totală 787 mm
Lungime totală 1.816 mm
Lăţime totală 876 mm
Direcţie l x L x H 10 inci x 68 inci x 0,69 inci, 254 mm x 1.727 mm x 18 mm
Tip direcţie Camoplast® Block Pattern
Postură schi (com. la com.) 780 mm
Capacitate rezervor carburant 1,7 Litri
Demaror electric nu e disponibil
Inversor nu e disponibil
Radiatoare mână & degete nu e disponibil
Tip faruri, watt 12V/55W
Randament DC nu e disponibil

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