Tricity ABS

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Time is too valuable to waste. And yet every day thousands of commuters spend a great deal of time and money getting to and from their place of work. But it really doesn't have to be this way. And the Yamaha Tricity is ready to offer a practical, affordable and enjoyable alternative.

Equipped with a unique 3-wheel chassis, the Tricity is a lightweight urban commuter vehicle whose user-friendly features cater for the needs of new riders.

Driven by a 125cc engine and offering scooter-like agility with the feeling of stability that comes with 3 wheels, the innovative Tricity puts you back in charge of your life. With an ABS option now available, you can commute in confidence.



Tip motor Monocilindru, Răcit cu lichid, 4 timpi, SOHC, 2-supape
Capacitate cilindrică 124,8cc
Alezaj X Cursă 52,4 mm x 57,9 mm
Compresie 10,9 : 1
Putere maximă 8,1 kW @ 9.000 rpm
Cuplu maxim 10,4 Nm @ 5.500 rpm
Sistem combustibil Injecţie de carburant
Sistem de ungere Carter umed
Sistem de aprindere TCI, Electric
Sistem de transmisie Automat, curea trapezoidală
Sistem suspensie faţă Furcă telescopică
Sistem suspensie spate Unitate oscilantă
Frână faţă Disc dublu , Ø 220 mm
Frână spate mono disc hidraulic, Ø 230 mm
Anvelopă faţă 90/80-14
Anvelopă spate 110/90-12
Ampatament 1.310 mm
Greutate fără sarcină 152 kg / ABS 156 kg
Lungime totală 1.905 mm
Lăţime totală 735 mm
Înălţime totală 1.215 mm
Înălţimea scaunelor 780 mm
Gardă minimă la sol 120 mm
Capacitate rezervor carburant 6,6 Litri

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